How can I create a Banafo account?

In order to use Banafo, you first need to create an account. It’s free and easy to set up.

You have two options:

  1. Use your Google login.
  2. Use an email address and password of your choice.

If you need some guidance, follow the 5 simple steps below.

How do I create a Banafo account with my email address?

Total Time: 2 minutes

Step 1: Open the registration page

try now button

Click on the button Try Now in the menu of this page.

Step 2: Choose a PRO or FREE Banafo account

Banafo plans public beta testing

The differences between a FREE and PRO Banafo account are summarized on the registration page.

In case of doubt, we recommend that you choose the FREE account. This includes 10 hours transcription per months.

Step 3: Fill in an email address and a password

Credentials Banafo register account

Fill in your best email address. This way you will not miss any important message about Banafo.

Choose a password of at least 8 characters.
Confirm your password.

Step 4: Click on register

Banafo register account

First, confirm you are not a robot.

Then click on the yellow button to Register.

Step 5: Verify your email address

activation email Banafo

Check your email inbox for a mail with the subject: “Activate your Banafo account“.
If you don’t see it, please look in your spam folder.

In the email, click on the link to activate your account.

You will then be directed to your account.

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