How do I change the transcript language for a conversation?

English is the default language for your Banafo transcripts. You can change this by following these simple steps.

You can also change the language settings for a particular conversation.

How to change the language to transcribe a recorded audio file?

Step 1: Login to your Banafo account

All your transcripts are stored in your account. Make sure you are logged in.

Step 2: Open the conversations

Banafo menu conversations

Click on Conversations in the menu on the left .

Step 3: Click on your conversation

Banafo recording list

Click on the recording of your choice.

Step 4: Choose your language

Under Transcript you can change the language. Choose the language that was used during the conversation.

Then click on the Change button.

Step 5: Wait a bit

Transcribing takes some time. Your transcript will appear after a bit.

1 transcript language per recording

When you change the language of the transcript, the original will be deleted. You can undo this by going through the steps above.

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